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OrderBook is...
·       A customer order calculator
·       A customer receipt generator
·       A receipt printer
·       A receipt to clipboard printer
·       Customers can 'swap' and 'return' items
·       Auto record your client’s product preferences
·       Auto record your clients orders
·       A BMI calculator (optional)
·       A convertor between KGs and Stones/Lbs. (optional)
·       Auto stock control advisor
·       Graphical reports on income / expenditure
·       Instant Profit and Loss report
·       Own use and Free Samples calculator
·       Loaned products tally
·       Mileage calculator built in
·       Instant charting to see progress
·       Instant Graphics of Expenditure and its breakdown
·       Category breakdown for detailed HMRC Self-Assessment submission
·       Current Stock at a glance
·       Stock re-order calculator
·       Auto Stock re-order advisor
·       Stock value calculator
·       Auto Stock Order calculator and history
·       Templates for Stock take, Own use and Customer re-ordering
·       Changeable Cost Pricing functions and Quantities
·       Discounting can be a percentage or pence per item or both
·       Receipts can be exported and emailed to clients (MS Outlook required)
·       Templates for emailing receipts, taking customer orders, initial replies.

For the latest updates read the Readme file on the purchase page
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