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Thanks to the amazing Nigel Wynne for his time this afternoon helping me get a new ordering form sorted. Great to have such support from another consultant. If you need a way of maintain your records, following your stock etc etc etc then ask Nigel about orderbook. Made just for us by him, another consultant. Brilliant. My tax took me 30 minutes last year!!!
Rachel Henderson Rachel's page

I have just completed my first week using Nigel's Orderbook and I can't believe how much simpler my life is! I've never been so on top of my paperwork and stock! Thanks Nigel
Kate Redout Kate's page

This is well worth getting, it takes all the hard work out of doing your taxes, it keeps a record of all your stock profits, etc thank you Nigel.
Susan Downes

Thank you Nigel for creating a fantastic order-book. I could not do my job as efficiently without it. From creating invoices to stock control and letters to doctors are so easily created. I love the new BMI calculator telling me the weight at bmi 25 and pounds lost. I would recommend it to everyone, both old and new consultants, as it really does make your job so much easier. Thank you  for your help also in the past when I was new and had no idea how to use Excel you were always there at the end of the phone to talk things through with me .  I now find it very easy to use. Thank you
Trudi Allen  (Trudi's page)
West Sussex

I have been using Orderbook for 18 months now and have found it an absolute God-send! It works great and looks very professional in front of customers. The fact it automatically does my stock control for me and works out all of my figures is fantastic... it saves me so much time. No more typing in receipts every night! Tax at the end of the year is just so simple too. It is easy to use and helps me keep up to date on sales and sales trends much more easily now. This is just brilliant and I couldn’t work without it! *Highly Recommended*
Lisa Dunlop (Lisa's page).
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